Recover Deleted Audio Files

Recover Deleted Audio Files

Easily restore permanently deleted MP3 & other audio files with Advanced File Recovery.

How to Recover Deleted Music and Audio Files on Windows?

Saving music offline is definitely what every one of us has done in the past. However, with the rise of streaming platforms and the availability of online music, offline storage has just become obsolete. However, many of us still keep our music files offline, especially artists who create, record, mix and customize their audio files for multiple purposes.

If online music files are deleted, you always have the option to download them again. However, if you delete an audio file or a created music file, it can ruin your project. Since musicians and producers have multiple tracks on their hard drives, they often delete music files thinking they do not want them, and later realize they deleted an important audio file.

If this has happened to you, worry not. In this blog, we will look at how you can recover deleted music and audio files on Windows. If you have deleted a music file you never wanted to remove, or know an artist friend who faces a similar problem, make sure you read it till the end.

Top Ways to Recover Deleted Music and Audio Files on Windows!

Well, the best part of using a Windows PC is that it is foolproof. Multiple set mechanisms ensure that you do not make mistakes unless you want to make them. The same goes for the unintentional removal of files. If you delete an audio file on Windows by chance, there are always a few ways to recover them. The first one that we are going to discuss is the Recycle Bin.

Method 1. Recovering Audio Files From Recycle Bin

Now, the concept of calling Windows a foolproof operating system becomes even more firm with the existence of a Recycle Bin. What is that? It is a basic entity you can find in every version of Windows. Basically, whenever you delete a file from your PC, it does not automatically disappear from the drive. It is moved to the Recycle Bin so you can recover it.

If you have simply deleted a folder with files in it, or while selecting multiple files, your important files got mixed up and were deleted, do not worry. You can still recover them.

Here’s what you can do -

  1. Go to your Desktop and find the Recycle Bin. If you can't find the bin icon on your Desktop, simply click on the Start menu, search for the Recycle Bin, and open it.
  2. Recover Deleted Audio Files
  3. Once you have opened the bin, look for the deleted audio files you want to restore.
  4. Recover Deleted Audio Files
  5. From there, select the file and double-click on it to view the properties > confirm that it is the exact file you want to retrieve and click the Restore button.
  6. Recover Deleted Audio Files

The files will be restored to the original location they were saved before deleting.

However, if you have a habit of deleting files using the Shift + Delete key combination, you can no longer recover files from Recycle Bin. In this case, you will need to use a recovery tool. Read the next method to learn how to restore audio files using Advanced File Recovery.

Method 2. Recovering Permanently Deleted Audio Files Using Advanced File Recovery Tool

The Advanced File Recovery tool is a third-party application that works smoothly with Windows and helps recover deleted files. It is an all-inclusive data recovery software that can assist you in retrieving deleted audio files, documents, videos, etc from any type of storage device.

Whether you have emptied the Recycle Bin or used Shift+Delete keys to permanently remove data, this is the best option to recover the files.

Here’s how it works -
  1. Download the tool and install it on your computer.
  2. Run the application and register it before running the scan.
  3. Recover Deleted Audio Files
  4. Choose the path from where you deleted the audio file.
  5. Recover Deleted Audio Files
  6. Click on Next.
  7. Recover Deleted Audio Files
  8. Select Scan Audio. (As we look for deleted Audio files.)
  9. Recover Deleted Audio Files
  10. Click on START SCAN to initiate the process.
  11. Recover Deleted Audio Files
  12. Let the process run its course. It will analyze all the shreds of deleted files and list all the audio and music files you have removed from the specified location.
  13. Recover Deleted Audio Files
  14. Once you have all the deleted audio files listed, select the files to restore and click on RECOVER NOW.
  15. Recover Deleted Audio Files
  16. Select a different location to save deleted files and wait for the data recovery process to finish.
  17. Recover Deleted Audio Files
  18. The recovery process will take a few minutes, and you will have your files recovered in no time.
  19. Recover Deleted Audio Files
  20. Finally, you will get a summary of recovered files.
  21. Recover Deleted Audio Files

This is how the Advanced File Recovery tool makes it super easy to recover audio and music files even if permanently deleted. The best part is that there is no limitation on the number of files you can restore.

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